Discover the renewed LMS Weeras Platform

Discover the renewed LMS Weeras Platform

The LMS Weeras Platform has been updated with the aim of giving a better service, which is more sustainable and efficient. The intention of this update is to create an optimized experience for the user, and to keep on innovating so that it can be an example of educational innovation as well as maintain its presence in the technology area for training in Spain. The elearning platform Weeras Platform permits, thanks to this last update, an efficient multiplatform access, whether you are using a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

Revolution of the LMS Weeras Platform

The update gives more profitability, thanks to different tools and third party applications, such as Microsoft Office, Prezi or Google Docs. According to the platform developers, the intention of this change was to improve the user’s expectations so that they could be offered a better online learning platform, which is safer and more efficient. In order to consolidate all of this they had to understand in details the learning tendencies as well as the needs of all of those people who, directly or indirectly, are related to teaching. This way, the platform offers a more complete solution which improves the educational administration and, at the same time, a substantial reduction of the operational costs.

In the same way, the creators of Weeras Platform emphasize the fact that they reached the most important change in the sector, focusing on efforts and innovation as well as team work. This is a fundamental change, directed to mobile learning and accessibility, which makes the team positive of reaching the objectives with the new version.

A new module in order to create personalised educational projects.

This project-based learning module in the Weeras Platform has been developed with the aim of making easier the creation of classes or virtual learning projects, which can be adapted and personalised depending on the educational needs. It is basically an area of dynamic learning, where you can use social teaching abilities, as well as involve the student with the content, so that they can develop digital and curricular skills. Thanks to that, Weeras Platform allows critical thinking, as well as creativity and pro-activity inside an educational environment focused on the search for flexible solutions, while at the same time giving the guarantee one would normally expect.

Main features of the Project-Based Learning Module.

As of the features and functions of the new projects module of the learning platform Weeras Platform, we emphasize the possibility of creating an enriched ecosystem by means of external resources, as well as an easy usage from students and administrators. The best aspect of the new unit is probably the complete integration with third party applications and tools of everyday use. Moreover, the cooperative learning focuses entirely on the students, leading them to be involved and responsible of their own learning. In particular, the projects unit allows them to share activities and resources, as well as create a learning community by means of forums and comments.

In the end, it has to be said that the unit allows a follow up on the students and provides the teachers with the access to performance reports and the possibility of personalising them. In order to guarantee data security, Weeras Platform operates with an encrypted SSL system, so that the information provided by the students is guaranteed to be integrated and safe.

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